The story of us

Our company is made up of a team of licensed stylists who specialize in special event hair styling and makeup applications. Each stylist with numerous years of experience both behind the chair and out in the field working with clients young, and old. However, these facts are, well, just that. Facts. It doesn’t quite tell you WHO we are does it? 

Scroll through this site and you’ll see our smiling faces, some laughs, some amazing work, and somewhere in all the long beautiful curls and perfectly winged liner with lashes, you’ll find a Bible verse hidden in plain sight. It reads as follows… 

“Never be lazy, but work hard and serve the Lord enthusiastically.”

Romas 12:11 

Our life’s purpose is to serve our Lord in everything we do. Our entire team has a passion for people. We have a career where we get to use our gifts and talents in some of the most precious moments in someone’s lives.

Proms, pageants, senior portraits, and weddings are so special not only to those going through it, but also for our team to be apart of it with you. 

We don’t have magic wands that we wave and make women in our chair look like their version of a Disney princess. Rather, we look at the woman sitting in front of us and bring out all the beauty God gave her to begin with. Enhancing what’s already there, to make each person feel as beautiful as she looks. 


Our goal is to leave every woman we come in contact with looking and feeling better than ever before. 

our stylist + their work

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